It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m Writing My Blog

But shed no tears. Feb 14th is actually my wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary Gerald!) and we tend to celebrate a few days before or after. Valentine’s day – great day for reminding the hubby about our wedding day, not so great for sneaking off for a bite to eat.

So I thought that seeing it’s the day for loving, I’d start to think about writing about loving.

I’m pretty excited that I’ve finished my first chapter, and have done a few other snippets. There’s just one thing that is tripping me up.  And if you think of it, it’s kinda funny considering that it’s going to be an erotic romance. I’m having a bit of trouble actually writing the erotic parts. I feel like the person that keeps walking back and forth by the adult novelty store before they get up the nerve to actually go in.

I do a lot of my writing at my local Starbucks (to get away from household distractions…and for the banana bread) but it just doesn’t see right to do it public. Then when I’m at home, there is no way I can write about lady bits and man parts with my 12-year-old always walking in asking “whatch’a dooooin?’”. Well sweetie, Jake doing Oliva right now…on the kitchen counter.

Yeah, not going to happen. I feel like I need to do it with the lights off in the dead of the night.

So maybe my characters aren’t ready to get past 1st base yet. Maybe as their relationship grows, it’ll feel more natural to write about them together. Cause right now it’s feeling more like a one night stand…in a bathroom…at a seedy bar…in the nasty part of town.

Til later.

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