Writer’s Luck?

Somehow…miraculously…I have finished the first two chapters of my book. And now I’m scared shitless.

I started writing the introduction to the two main characters, separately. Then I filled the gap between. Threw some stuff on the wall to see what would stick. Went back to the beginning every day and reworked. Then all of a sudden, like when you work on the last ten pieces of a puzzle, everything just falls into place…everything just fits. That’s what happened…I’d write something and it was like it was supposed to be there, and I was amazed that it hadn’t existed before I put the words down. And I’m so pleased at how it turned out.

Then I started chapter two. It was different because I didn’t have anything to start with and work around. I went from the first word to the last in one straight shot. Totally different approach than the first chapter. It required a whole lot more to be thrown against the wall, and a whole lot more ended on the floor. But last night, the puzzle came into focus again, and those last pieces fit like they were meant to be..

Today, I’m sitting at Starbuck’s, beginning chapter three. And I have this feeling, even though I am almost 40 pages in, that the first two were written by pure luck. I’m afraid that I’m going to throw all the stuff at the wall and it’s all going to fall off. I suppose all authors (oh boy, am I calling myself an author?) have times where nothing sticks. I guess if that happens, I’ll just keep throwing stuff on the wall…and eventually, something will stick. Right?

OK…enough blogging. Need to start chapter three.

Til later.

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