My Hairy Love Sac

I’ve found during the past month and a half of writing, where I write is almost as important as what I write.

Part of the reason I didn’t start my book sooner is that my old laptop had been tethered to a wall outlet due to a dead battery (which costs almost as much to replace as a new laptop). I never found working at my desk terribly comfortable for long stretches, so when I got my new laptop, I was once again free to roam the house looking for comfy spots.

When I’m not spending time feeling hip at Starbuck’s, I find myself trying to get in that one comfy position on the couch to write. Sometimes I’d hit the mark and spend hours typing away. Other times I’d hit that one particular position that left me with a kink in my leg until the next day.

Well my search ended this past week for the perfect writing spot. During a quick overnight trip with my awesome sister-in-law Linda to Rochester, NY (Please don’t ask “why Rochester?” as both the US border officer and the Canadian customs officer made me feel somewhat inadequate for choosing that as our destination. I quite enjoyed our stay and disagree with their assessment of our trip.), we came across a store that sells what may be the best thing on the planet…the Love Sac. Do not call them bean bag chairs…they are a piece of foam filled heaven. Had I the room, I would have purchased the five-seater, but that unfortunately has the footprint of a king size bed. I compromised and got the single City Sac, which is covered in fox phur (nope not a typo).

LoveSac (2)

Isn’t wonderful?? It’s all soft and cozy…have my laptop on my lap desk and I can just type away.

In my Love Sac.

My Hairy Love Sac.

And yes I did declare that at Customs. He didn’t ask for clarification.

Til later.

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