The Eighteen Days of Christmas

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On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me – Coffee


Coffee. Coffee coffee coffee coffee. Need I say more? Oh alright, I suppose I do. But it’s coffee! It makes the world such a better place! Well, maybe not better, but a hell of a lot more bearable.

Just as coffee is the second half of the book’s title, coffee is also the second half of Asher’s life. He is a barista, and damned proud of it:


“If I could have any wish? I’d like to own a coffee shop just like this one, where I know all my customers, and I know that I’m making a difference in people’s lives.” I got questioning look from the man sitting next to me. “Hey, don’t you tell me that a great cup of coffee can’t make a difference in your day.” I crossed my arms and arched my eyebrow at Killian. He laughed in agreement.


For Ash, “It’s Bean A While” isn’t just a coffee shop, or a place to work. It’s where he hangs with his bestie Lulu, and where he can, in some small way, make a person’s day better (see above snippet). Ash lives to share happiness, and not just during the holidays. For him, making people smile is a 24/7 job.  And as he said, you can’t tell me that a simple cup of coffee can’t make a bad day better. I’ve met a lot of you, and passed a lot of you on that wonderful walk from the Bahia to Starbucks in San Diego. The smiles were definitely better on the return walk.

Now, I know this confession is going to be a shock to some of you, well actually most of you as the majority of people reading this have only known me as a caffeine fiend, but I didn’t start drinking coffee until about ten years ago. Wow, that’s actually longer than I thought – 2005 seems like just yesterday. Pre-2005, I was the one who would have the bottle of Diet Coke firmly in her hand first thing in the morning. When I was in college (one of the many times…what can I say, I’m a true Gemini) I was a great source of amusement in my 8 am Monday morning class.  But then in 2005, I started volunteering, then working, at my son’s new school, and I started drinking coffee. I believe there is a direct correlation between the two. And if you’d been in the minion’s class (small school so that grade stayed the same from kindergarten to grade eight) you’d wonder why I didn’t try to slip a little extra in my coffee cup. I referred to them all as the real Y2K bug (all 2000 babies they were).

I do have one coffee quirk – I hate coffee in mugs or cups. The only way my day is made is if I have a cup of that blissful elixir in paper cup. Please don’t ask me why. I love many liquids in mugs. Give me a big ol’ mug of soup and I’m in heaven. Hot Cider? Cup me baby. But coffee? Nope. No way. My daily dose of caffeine is usually in a Tim Horton’s cup (the one true coffee), but Starbuck’s is fine as well. I just can’t do daily ‘Bucks or my stomach would launch a revolt. And it’s not about the coffee, either (well it has to be good coffee of course). Tim’s has a “Ten To Go” bulk container you can buy (and I think Starbucks has the same thing). I used to buy them when I ran workshops for school breakfast programs. Along with the vat of coffee, they’d give you a bag filled with cups, creamers, sugar, stir sticks, and anything else you’d need. Many times we’d have coffee and cups left over. I took those cups and used them at home with my own brew. And I was happy.



Don’t I look happy all snuggled up with my Timmies? And that’s a total make-up free selfie. The coffee made me do it. Don’t judge. While I’m on the confession roll, I guess I should mention that the minute the girls at my local Tim Horton’s hear my voice over the speaker, my order magically appears on the order screen. Two extra large (I buy one for later in the day) four by fours with milk and sweetener. Oh, and a plain old fashion Timbit for the pup. In July I made a Tim’s run at an ungodly hour before we headed to Seattle for vacation.  It was like 5 am. When I got to the window, all my “girls” were there wondering why I was there so early.  It was actually rather touching. Total coffee feels.

So yeah, coffee is a special thing.

Until tomorrow all!


PS I’ve added pre-order links in my book section, however only AllRomance is  available at the moment. I will update as others become available.

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