The Eighteen Days of Christmas

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On the fifteenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – Decorations


Now is the time that trees are being picked up from tree farms and parking lots, finally ready to be placed in their stands and decorated with twinkly lights. ‘Tis the time for halls to be decked and mistletoe to be hung.

While Asher uses every decoration in his arsenal to make It’s Been A While full of Christmas cheer, Sawyer’s Uncle Killy makes their home a winter wonderland in hopes of making the little boy’s Christmas one to remember.


Tinsel. Garlands. Ribbons…oh my! Nothing heralds the coming of Christmas as much as decoration boxes being retrieved from the basement and their contents spread throughout the house. Some decorations may be heirlooms, other’s brand new for the season. But once the familiar colours sparkle by the light of a glowing Christmas tree, you know the holidays have begun.

I will be the first to admit that I am a Christmas hoarder. I can probably count on one hand decorations that I have either thrown away or donated. For me, each piece of festive kitsch holds memories of either when it was purchased, made, or where it was displayed. I have an entire plastic container full of macaroni wreaths and pipe cleaner reindeer made by the wee hands of my minion. Maybe when the macaroni spouts mold I’ll consider passing it on to the great Christmas tree in the sky.

I also have the box of my family’s decorations. I remember in vivid colour placing each one on the tree when I was little. I remember how for a few years I insisted on creating plays with the various tin soldiers and little animals all outfitted for winter. God, my parents must have had the patience of saints. But I remember those times every single time I touch one of those decorations, and they make me smile.

Until tomorrow all!


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