Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Naughty Latte

I learned an important writing lesson today that I feel must be shared.   I spend most of my mornings at my local Starbuck’s writing. It was my husband’s suggestion…get out of the house and away from household distractions while I write. It keeps the child and pets away, plus the access to free refills of my favourite blonde roast… Read more →

Writing the Sexy

So I wrote in a previous post that I was having trouble wrapping my head around writing the content that would make my erotic romance, well, erotic. I honestly have felt like that person who really, really, wants to go into that adult novelty shop, but just keeps walking back and forth on the sidewalk out front, trying to get up their nerve.… Read more →

My Hairy Love Sac

I’ve found during the past month and a half of writing, where I write is almost as important as what I write. Part of the reason I didn’t start my book sooner is that my old laptop had been tethered to a wall outlet due to a dead battery (which costs almost as much to replace as a new laptop).… Read more →