Discovery QSF My first published work, a very, very short story…

The rules are simple enough. Write a complete story—either sci fi, fantasy, or paranormal. Make sure it has LGBT characters and/or an LGBT vibe. And do it all with just 300 words.

The stories in this volume run the gamut, from platypus shifters to alien slug monsters, from carnival horror stories to haunting stories of ships with souls. There are little jokes, big surprises, and future prognostications.

Cover_CandyCanesAndCoffeeBeans Available December 18th, from MLR Press – Candy Canes and Coffee Beans


Asher Rye lives for happiness – for himself, and the rest of the world.  By day, he spreads joy one cup of coffee at a time as a barista. At Christmas, he’s Dasher the elf, spreading the magic of the holiday season to every child and adult who visits Santa.


When a sad little boy visits Santa’s castle with his stuffed goat and uncle in tow, Asher is determined to show him that Santa never forgets. In his quest to show the boy and his uncle the magic of Christmas, he never expects to be sprinkled with holiday magic himself.


Will Christmas’ biggest fan get a Christmas miracle of his own?


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