Writing the Sexy

So I wrote in a previous post that I was having trouble wrapping my head around writing the content that would make my erotic romance, well, erotic. I honestly have felt like that person who really, really, wants to go into that adult novelty shop, but just keeps walking back and forth on the sidewalk out front, trying to get up their nerve.


Well, I have officially stopped walking by the shop…and have put my face firmly against the glass and looked in! Yes!! Yeah, I know. It’s pathetic. I wrote a dream scene that goes just beyond second base. I hashed it out, trying to get it done before my son walked in the door from school. I still can’t think about writing that kind of material while he’s walking around asking me how my writing is going.


I’ve been warring with myself on how to write this book. I started it out by writing a scene that I had floating in my head, which takes place in around a third of the way into the book. Then I wrote another that basically is the lead in to the first sex scene. I thought I’d try my hand at the sexy speak, since you know, the whole erotic thing kind of depends on that, but I just couldn’t get past that first touch. I figured it was the characters telling me that I needed to get to know them first, and let their relationship grow before I jump in the sack with them.


The dream scene turned out well…just short and without the proverbial “happy ending”.  Part of me now wants to jump ahead to that other scene and move the characters beyond the stalled touch. To take that next step. But that’s where I’m battling with myself. I’ve found that as I write, the characters are becoming real, and are forming their relationship on their own…I’m just putting down the words for them. Even though I am so eager to try writing the steamier stuff, I feel that if I jump the gun and get them into bed, it will affect their relationship now. That once they make that physical connection, all the tension and wanting that I’m writing will be extinguished in my head and it will definitely change the way I write them.


I’m a great fan of Sylvia Day and I tweeted her asking how she writes…does she write pieces then fill them in, or does she write from first word to last. She’s one of those great people who loves her fans and actually answers almost all their questions (how she has time to actual write books I have no idea).  She said she writes from start to finish, and she never really knows how the story is going to end until she writes the last word. I’ve decided that I like the fact that my characters and their relationship are growing as I write them, and I’d really like to see where it takes us, without me jumping too far ahead.


So I guess I’ll be peering through that window just a little bit longer.


Til later.

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