Welcome to My Rabbit Hole

Just as Alice once followed a dapper little rabbit down into a weird and wonderful world, you have, either with intent or by total accident, ventured into my own little rabbit hole. Weird, definitely. Wonderful? Well, let’s set the bar a little lower for the time being, shall we? My rabbit’s a bit rusty.

As with all tales, you have to start with a narrative. It’s the annoying stuff you have to get through before the story takes hold. It’s what the professionals call “character development”. So let’s get this done so I can try for the weird and wonderful.

If you had met a 17-year-old me and asked where I wanted to be when I was thirty, my answer would have been quick and easy – living in Boston (Beacon Hill to be exact) with my trusty pet bulldog, writing for Rolling Stone magazine. Life seemed like a perfectly straight line back then, allowing me to see exactly where I wanted to be.

If you had you met a 30-year-old me and asked where I was in life, the answer would still be quick and easy, despite being so different from what my younger self had imagined – married to my best friend, recently returned to Canada with our tabby cat after living in the UK for a year, and expecting our first child. By then I had learned that the perfectly straight line of life was in fact full of twists and turns, most of which you might not have expected or maybe even wanted at the time. But despite the detours, that line had taken me to where I had needed to be.

So you are now here, meeting a 42-year-old me and I hope you still might have a glimmer of interest in where I am in my life. My answer is still quick and easy for the most part. I am still married to my best friend (which is something I truly appreciate as a rarity) and the child we were expecting is now a 12-year-old young man with the oldest soul I have ever encountered. We all live together in our forever house with two cats (our tabby passed a few years ago) and one spoiled dog. And that line that seemed so straight when I was young? Those twists and turns I once thought were so great turned out to be mere bumps. And once again, no matter how hard a journey it’s been, I am where I need to be.

So that is me. Consider the introduction of Myssie Nunn complete. A bit too much to fit on the door of my rabbit hole, so I’ll just keep writing it on the walls as we descend, if you promise to keep reading.

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