My 2015 Declaration

Happy 2015!


Another year of possibilities.

Another year to procrastinate.

Another year to watch go by in a blink of an eye.


In 2010, I entered into my 40th year. Now, I’ve never been one to fret about the phases of life – My 20’s were surprising but wonderful. I actually looked forward to my 30’s, thanks to the series Thirtysomething, and it turned out to be an amazing period of my life. There were hiccups of course, but overall it was a great decade. My 40’s? Well, I’m the baby of both my blood and married families, and I’ve watched many enter that particular stretch, all with sour looks on their faces. I had no issues starting that decade of my life, so when midnight struck on January 1st, 2014, I had great hopes that it would be another great ten years. Uh…no.


If the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true, then I am about as strong as I ever want to be. So far the 2010’s have had me watch my mother destroyed by cancer (and with it, our relationship). I’ve watched my husband suffer from mini-strokes and the resulting brain surgery to rectify the problem. I’ve watched my son narrowly escape death when he was hit by a car. And I’ve watched myself fall victim to the lies that depression feeds its sufferers. All of this in the span of four years. So I can honestly say that so far, my 40’s have completely sucked.


2015 marks the half-way point in this disastrous decade. I have to admit that as the past four New Years have approached, I adopted the “so I wonder what chaos this year will bring” attitude. It’s been hard not to, as each year has represented some not-so-pleasant event. But not this year. I’m going to take back my decade, and in doing so, make 2015 an amazing year.


My Declaration for 2015

In 2015, I will push myself forward in a positive and healthy manner. Fear and indecision will not rule my world as I strive to make the second half of my 40’s about my personal growth and success. I will commit to producing a weekly blog in which I will discuss my writing, my creative journey, the books I read, and any random thoughts that I want to share. I will commit to producing short stories on my blog in the genre I love (m/m) at least once a month. I will commit to ranking and reviewing each book I read. I will commit to meeting each day with a positive outlook. I will commit to finishing my book by the end of June 2015. I will commit to living a healthy lifestyle which will hopefully help to reverse the ravages of my depression and ensuing health issues.


I’m done being fate’s bitch. I’m taking 2015 and claiming it as mine.


Happy New Year everyone!


‘Til Later.

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