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Deep breath…deep breath. Ok. Wow. I’m actually writing a post about my very first cover reveal. This is completely insane. Just…how?


I’ve been that person, who for the last 2 years, says they’re writing, but has nothing to show for it. No wait, I have lots of loose ends, unfinished plots, and characters who are waiting in the middle of a scene for something to happen. It’s actually a pretty funny mental image when you think of it.


Then one day in late July I came across a holiday story submission call from  MLR Press. The Spirit of Giving. Ten to forty thousand words. Deadline end of August. I paused. I thought. I thought some more. And a little kernel of a story started to sprout. It would be relatively short, and with a very finite deadline. Could I do it? I figured what the hell,  I’d give it a shot.


Before I knew it, that wee kernel had grown into this living, breathing entity. It took almost two weeks before I got the right start to the story, but once I found it? These people became real and started to talk and make decisions on their own. I’d start a paragraph heading in one direction and it would end up somewhere completely different. The best was when an argument came out of nowhere and I sat back in shock when it was over. It was spectacular. It was amazing. It was scary as hell!


I was so lucky to have a great friend from the m/m community who came along for the ride, reading all my bits as they landed on the page (Jayden, you are so amazing and I can’t thank you enough. There are many many Starbucks coming your way in San Diego! Muah!). I had let my hubby read the story, as well as my sister-in-law. I know they said they’d be honest, but they are contractually obligated to pat me on my head. However, when someone outside of that familial circle read it, and actually liked it? No words can do that feeling justice.


It ended up taking me just over a week to write Candy Canes and Coffee Beans. And I made the deadline. I hit send and screamed. I honestly did. The minion came running downstairs to see what was wrong. A week later, an email arrived with a contract offer. I cried. I laughed somewhat hysterically. Then I cried again. I had people I needed to text, but my fingers wouldn’t work. My world tilted a little on its axis.


All of a sudden, I was an author.



Candy Canes and Coffee Beans will be available this December from MLR Press.



  2 comments for “Cover Reveal!

  1. Jayden
    September 30, 2015 at 11:01 am

    You were a rockstar chillin for juuuust the right moment, and you nailed it in true rockstar fashion. I’m so incredibly honored to have come along for your ride. And you’ve been one of the amazing group of people holding my hand through stuff and things.

    Congratulations. Now only one question… What’s next?

    • SaxonHawke
      October 1, 2015 at 5:40 pm

      You know what’s next!!! ☺️

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