The Eighteen Days of Christmas

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One the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – Christmas Memories


This Christmas will be the forty-fifth in my lifetime. Wow, okay, that’s a lot. Forty-five holidays, each one like a vivid chapter of my life. Some of the characters in those chapters are now gone, while others continue to make memories with me as time marches on. But I can tell you, I remember almost every single one of them.

Sawyer Grant and his Uncle Killy had a tough year before meeting the mall elf that soon becomes part of their lives. Both Uncle Killy and Asher try to make sure that Sawyer’s memories of this Christmas are ones he’ll always remember.


When I look back at Christmas’ past, it’s as if I’m looking at chapters of my life. Christmas’ before my grandmother passed away when I was seven were events. Presents would be opened at our house, but then we’d dress up in our finery and spend the rest of the day with her and others from our extended family. I have a picture where someone was wearing a tuxedo! Oh you have to love the seventies. I was really young during that time, but there are fragments that still ghost through my mind from time to time – an odd velveteen donkey figure given to me by family friend, the excitement I felt when I opened my Holly Hobby kitchen, or the feel of winding up the engine of a little train set.

After my grandmother passed away, it was just my mom and dad, my brother and me. It must have been my grandmother who held up the formal customs because once we moved to the “country”, it was a completely different holiday. Cozy fires, apple cider, and pj’s until dinner became the norm.  It was the laid back country setting that seemed to mold those years.

Then we started to add a new generation to our family with our own children and a new chapter began. I just hope that my minion will be able to look back on his memories of Christmas as happily as I do mine.

God, I still can’t believe I’ve had forty-five of them. I think I need some eggnog with a little extra nog.

Until tomorrow all!


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