Dead End Tunnels and Happy Places

Digging your own rabbit hole is an exciting adventure. However, despite the discoveries you make on your journey, sometimes you find yourself in a dead end.

Hello all. No, I didn’t fall off the edge of the Earth. I could say that the summer was busy, my son was home from school, and I spent way too much time on a dock with Corona in-hand. Well the first two are true, but sadly my dock time was fairly limited. The truth is I’ve been having trouble finding my “happy place”. And when you are trying to write a story that will hopefully have a happy ending, it’s difficult when you can’t seem to find your own.

So I spent a few weeks going back and actually reading what I had written…50,000 words, thank you very much! It was amazing just reading it, enjoying it, and realizing the world that I had created. None of these incredible people existed before I put them to paper. And they are incredible. That alone gave me a sense of power over my life that I wasn’t really expecting. Score one for happy place.

After I read it, I went back and tweaked, edited, and remoulded things knowing now where I want these incredible people to end up. I found it interesting how my writing had changed over the span of ten chapters. Paragraphs that never sat right suddenly became exceptionally clear, and the flow of words became much more fluid. Huh, personal growth. Who would have thought? Score two for happy place.

Then I did the unthinkable and offered said ten chapters to two good friends. Two honest friends. Ack. So far only my sis-in-law, who by law has to love it, and my husband, who can’t bring himself to read the steamy parts, has read it.  My one friend is waiting until she can sit and read it large chunks, but the other liked it! She really liked it!! Score three for happy place.

So this morning I’m starting my trek again down my little hole, undeterred by the dead ends I have encountered. It’s all a journey, no matter how many times you have to turn around and start again. But it’s nice to have company along the way.

Til later.

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