One Small Step. One Bloody Giant Leap

So I’ve been writing now for almost 8 months now (with a few months off over the summer), and it’s coming along really well. I’ve given it to a few more people to read, and the feedback has been surprisingly good. Although I now have people breathing down my neck to get more chapters cranked out.

Last week I thought I would play around with setting up a Facebook page for my “author” self. Figured it would give me a little incentive to keep going…feeling all professional and all. So I created the account. Wrote a little bio. Looked for cover page image…wait, what??

I need to find something to put up on Facebook for my cover. Now on my personal page I have some lovely pictures from family vacations which look great. On my author page? Not so much. So I started looking at what other authors have up on their pages, which of course would be images from their books. What a novel (god, sorry about that one) idea.

Problem is that my little book is still just a mass of bytes in a Microsoft file. Cover art hasn’t even been on my radar. So I texted my hubby my quandary, and being Google-meister he is, quickly found me sites that actually sell ready-made book covers. Call me gobsmacked – who knew??. Browsing all the covers, I tried to visualize what my little book should look like – how do I distill thousands of words into one single image? Well I’m still working on that one.

But that little exercise led me to think beyond my words and what the next steps will be. Formatting. Publishing. Promoting. I think the actual writing of the book will have been the easy part! It’s going to be like getting my baby ready to go out into the great big world and stand on its own two feet. Well now my brain hurts.

I think I’ll go back to writing, and leave the after work for a little bit. It’s hard to squeeze words out of a sore brain.

Til later.

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