The Eighteen Days of Christmas

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On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – Childhood Friends

One of the things I love most about writing is drawing inspiration from real life, whether it be a conversation, an event or pretty much anything. Sometimes, you just can’t make up the real world…it’s just too damn good.


This is Boo. Boo is a goat. Boo is a very special goat, who happens to be the bestest friend of four year old Sawyer Grant. The fact that he is special comes not just from the fact that he is a treasured toy of a young child, the kind that hears secrets and fears, and will most likely be with Sawyer until his has his own child. No, his true worth, well to me at least, comes from the fact that Boo is indeed real, and was that special friend to my own minion.


Yes, I may be fairly biased, but come on…is that not the most precious picture ever? That’s my minion, not yet two, with his most treasured friend in the entire world. Boo was purchased before the minion was even born, holding vigil in his crib until he was brought home from the hospital. And that is where he stayed. For anyone who is familiar with stuffed toys, he is a Gund, and they make toys that last. For something that endured endless bouts of mud, vomit and diaper cream, the only part that is worn on its chunky little body is its tag. Only worn threads remain of that little piece of fabric because as the minion would fall asleep, he would gently pull it between two fingers, lulling himself to sleep.

The minion is now fifteen. His stuffed animal collection is hoarded in our basement in large plastic containers, because that boy never met a stuffed animal he didn’t like. But Boo has remained in his room, slowly moving up the shelves, through countless re-shuffles and organizations, to where he sits today, on the very top shelf, watching over his forever friend.

And it’s because of Sawyer’s love for his bestest friend,  that a love story began.

Until tomorrow all!


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